Tohru Nishimaki / Takeshi Kajiwara


Birthday February 18. Aquarius.

Bloodtype AB.

I used to scribble well since I was three years old.
Anyway I liked drawing pictures.

There is a memory that I was drawing a picture of a naked girl in the first grade of elementary school.
I belonged to an art club in high school.
I wanted to go to an art college but I failed, so I entered an ordinary university.

So I entered the manga club was a mistake in my choice of life.

When I was an university student and attending a manga club,
a senior member of the club said to me, "Try drawing something".
I was then introduced to an editor of a magazine, and suddenly I was drawing as a professional.

Favorite movies :

Old movies on love story.
The subtitle of BLUE EYES are taken from titles of movies.
I especially like movies starring Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn .

Favorite actress Grace Kelly and Deborah Carr have class that cannot be seen in modern actresses.

There are many influences of movies in my work.
I liked Italian soft porn like 'Malizia' I saw at puberty.

Favorite Play mate :
Janet Lupo , Marilyn Lange

Favorite PornStar:
Gianna michaels, Lucie Wilde

Favorite busty model :
Tina Small,Yulia Nova,
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